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Sunny September

Wow! September already! This week has flown by!

This week, we have enjoyed our class novel ‘Catscape’, predicted what’s going to happen next, practised our dictionary skills to look up tricky words from the novel and played reading games with a partner.

We wrote wonderful weekend news! We were all very busy! We completed a fantastic spelling challenge and made 50 words. Some of the words were ‘homophones’ ~ ask your child what this means?

Our outdoor learning looked at fractions, what they mean and working out how to show them using blocks. Can you work out the fractions?

We played the card game ‘Starfish’. Ask your child to teach you, remember you can use more than two cards and can +,-,x,/.

We were using the Interactive eatwell guide in topic. We put items in the correct section and are now going to find out why we need food from each group. We finished off the week with Skills Academies. We enjoyed badminton, art, science, construction, playground games or dance.


Author: Kerrie Laird

Head Teacher of Glenuruqhart Primary School

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