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Festive Fridays & busy days!

It was a lovely festive Friday morning today!

P4/5 have been enjoying their visits to the library! They are getting really good at using the five finger rule to choose books that will be just the right challenge for them! Excellent choices this week!

We have been practising using money. This week, we have counted amounts using all coins and notes, counted the same coin to make amounts e.g all 20ps or all 50ps. This would be great to practise at home. We have added up items and worked out the change that we we would get. Some of us have worked out a budget and used multiply to work out how much things would cost. We have all been playing games on Education City to apply our learning. These can be played at home using the Homework section in the game.

We have also completed great spelling challenges over the last few weeks! We have looked at homophones, words ending with ful and fully, vowel blends ~ words with ay, ai, ow, oa and this week the FLSZ rule. Ask your child to tell you more!


Author: Kerrie Laird

Head Teacher of Glenuruqhart Primary School

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