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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all! It has been a busy, wintery and hard working couple of weeks! P4/5 enjoyed their Health & Wellbeing Week. We enjoyed Jammin’ Fitness with Andy and learnt some fantastic memory tips! We had some great group leaders helping us with our dance routines too!

We had a fantastic workshop from Jen at ‘Live n Learn’. She told us all about Growth Mindset. We had some tricky challenges to do but worked really well together to complete them! We have made great motivational posters and Google Slides about Growth Mindset. We’ll show you these next week when they are finished!

In maths, we have been finding and identifying angles. We have learnt about right, acute, obtuse and straight angles and found these in the classroom and outside! We have used compass points to help us give and follow instructions. There are games on Activelearn and Education City that can help us practise.

P4/5 are great codebreakers! We have used add, subtract and multiply to work out calculations and solve the code!

P4/5 are great text detectives too! We have been learning to infer (read between the lines) to help us understand our reading more!


Author: Kerrie Laird

Head Teacher of Glenuruqhart Primary School

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